LifeLock Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews on independent web sites seem to be pretty positive. Not only do the comments deal with the million dollar guarantee, but also touch upon how LifeLock stopped unsolicited credit offers, offer to keep kids safe and a current copy of your credit report.

Overall, there is no negative coverage related to the LifeLock programs. The price is deemed a good investment for the return and the program seems to work for the consumers who write on review sites.

National Coverage

The hook that caught most people’s attention is that the CEO’s social security number is plainly visible on the home page of LifeLock. The CEO, Todd Davis, believes in his own company so much that he has taken this step to prove to his customers and potential customers that the LifeLock system works.

Some of the national coverage given to LifeLock includes CNN, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. For a company that has only been in business 2 years, this type of press coverage is astonishing!

In January of 2007, The “Rush Limbaugh” announced that it will be advertising LifeLock services.